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Investment Casting

An industrial casting process known both as Investment Casting and Lost-wax casting is one of the widely known metal formation process or method. The metal application where high-level of integrity is needed, Lost Wax Investment casting is popularly used. High-performance alloys where accuracy matters the most, Lost Wax casting is proven to be efficient.
Practically it is more expensive to use Lost Wax investment casting than sand casting or die casting. Daichi Overseas Pvt. Ltd. - Investment Casting Manufacturer in India lets you with a high quality finished product with shaping up you design. Investment casting process generally used in producing small castings, but now a day large castings are also being manufactured with this type of casting. The major advantage of Lost WaxInvestment casting is that, it can produce complicated and most difficult casting shapes which might be impossible with die casting. Also, with investment casting manufacturing we can use almost any metal for casting it. Solidification with Lost wax casting is comparatively slow which sometimes result into low mechanical properties.